Identity Theft

Chaffey Federal Credit Union will never send an email requesting private or personal account information. If you see an email supposedly sent by Chaffey Federal Credit Union which asks for personal account information, it may be an attempt to obtain your personal information for illegal purposes.

Should you receive one of these emails:

  • DO NOT click the link in the email.

  • DO NOT enter any requested information.

  • Contact CFCU’s Information Technology department at 909-986-4552 ext. 294 or 626-968-9329 ext. 294

  • Forward the email to

Follow these tips to protect personal information:

  • Always be suspicious of any email asking for personal information. Legitimate companies will not ask for this information via email. CFCU will never ask for personal information via email.

  • Never reply to a suspicious email or follow any links.

  • Verify the legitimacy of any unexpected email with the company and report to them any suspicious emails received.

  • Never provide financial information to anyone via email as it is not secure. Always use secure web sites.

  • Review all credit card and financial statements regularly for fraudulent activity.

One of the more important things you can do to monitor your credit is to check your credit report at least twice a year. You can obtain your credit report from one or all of these three major credit-reporting agencies for free once every 12 months and for a small fee thereafter.

Transunion: 800-680-7298

Experian: 888-397-3742

Equifax: 800-685-1111

These credit monitoring services alert you when there are critical changes to your credit report. The sooner you know about a case of fraud in your name, the better your odds of clearing up the situation quickly.