Direct Deposit

Benefits of Direct Deposit at Chaffey FCU!

Direct Deposit means safety, convenience, peace of mind. Do you receive your paycheck by paper check? Sign up for Direct Deposit! It's fast and easy and your payment goes straight into your Chaffey FCU Checking or Savings Account on your pay date, allowing you immediate access to your money. Checking is FREE with Direct Deposit!*

It's fast! Your paycheck is automatically deposited even on your day off or if you’re out of town!

It's convenient! No waiting in line to cash your check or pay expensive check cashing fees. No more waiting for paychecks to arrive that could be delayed due to holidays or weather.

It's secure! It's the safest and most convenient way to receive your pay. No more lost, stolen, or misplaced checks!

Sign up Today!

Call us at (909) 986-4552 or (626) 968-9329 and select option 5, or visit any of our branches. You’ll need your account number (we can assist if you are not sure).
Direct deposit your paychecks, retirement, unemployment payments, pension payments, and income from your investments, such as certificates of deposit, annuities, and mutual funds.



Special Information if You Receive Federal Benefits

If you receive recurring federal benefit payments such as Social Security or Veterans benefit payments, you are required to have Direct Deposit set up to receive your benefits. It’s easy to have your payments paid directly to your Chaffey FCU Checking or Savings Account!

You will need your:

  • Social Security Number or claim number
  • 12-digit federal benefit check number
  • Amount of most recent federal benefit check
  • Chaffey FCU Routing Number: 322280375

Enroll With Your Employer for Direct Deposit at CFCU

You'll need your:
Chaffey FCU Draft/Checking Account Number
Chaffey FCU Routing Number: 322280375

Sign up online: or contact Chaffey FCU!



Notice to members receiving automated transactions on your account

You may have heard talk of “Same Day ACH” (SDACH) going into effect on September 23, 2016. The purpose of SDACH is to help consumers and businesses to transfer funds more quickly. We would like to let you know about some of the ways that SDACH might impact your account:

  1. How will SDACH change the way electronic payments are posted to my account? Prior to SDACH, financial institutions sending a file to the Federal Reserve for processing had only one deadline every 24 hours. With SDACH, the Federal Reserve is now allowing for two additional “windows” for files to be sent. This may mean that a payment sent to you in the morning hours may post to your account by the end of the business day.
  2. Does SDACH affect both debits and credits to my account? Full implementation of SDACH will be phased in over time. In the first phase, effective September 23, 2016, only credits to your account will be eligible to be transmitted using the SDACH rules. Credits to your account may include your payroll deposit, tax refunds, or transfers from another institution. - Starting in September 2017, you may begin to see debits (withdrawals) posted to your account as same-day transactions.
  3. Does Chaffey FCU control which items are sent through SDACH? Once Chaffey FCU receives the file(s) from the Federal Reserve, we begin the process of posting the transactions to your account. Chaffey FCU does not have control over when items are sent to the Federal Reserve by the originating company and/or financial institution, or which items are classified as “same-day.”
  4. Will this affect my payroll deposits? It might. As a result of SDACH implementation, some financial institutions may choose to send files that are NOT considered “same-day” to the Federal Reserve later than they are currently doing. This is a function of the financial institution that works with your employer/payroll – Chaffey FCU does not have any information on which employers will be affected. While at present, you may see your payroll deposits posted to your account early, you may begin seeing the deposits post to your account on the pay date specified by your employer.
  5. If I have questions, who do I call? If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (909) 986-4552 or (626) 968-9329 and select Menu Option 5. You call can then be transferred to the Accounting Department. You can also send a secure message to us through online Home Banking or our mobile app.

*300/month minimum direct deposit required.