Awards Program Rules

GoldPass™ includes a selection of free round-trip First, Business, or Coach Class airline tickets from the United States (U.S. 50 states) on major U.S./Foreign airline carriers as listed in the Global Distribution System. Tickets can be requested up to 300 days in advance of your trip. A minimum of 14-day (U.S. destination) or 21-day (International) advanced notice and maximum 30-day stay is required. All tickets are subject to availability and must include a Saturday night stay. Maximum ticket values (aka caps) range between $350 and $1,250 for tickets within the 50 U.S. states, $500 and $1,250 from the 50 U.S. states to international destinations, or a free any-class airline ticket to anywhere in the world with a maximum value of $4,000 are available. The cost of each ticket may not exceed the maximum cap value and payment of any ticket difference is not permissible.

FlexPass™ Receive a travel discount toward the purchase of an airline ticket on a major carrier as listed in the Global Distribution System; or apply this travel discount toward the purchase of a package tour or cruise. No restrictions. Any unused value is forfeited. FlexPass travel discounts range from $100 to $3,000. If the cost of the ticket, package or cruise is more than the travel discount, the account holder may pay the difference. Discounts toward a vacation or cruise are not available through the online booking tool. Please contact a travel agent directly to apply a discount to these options.

Awards Program Rules   

  1. For the most current version of the program rules, award options, and point requirements, please visit Visa Rewards or call an awards representative at

  2. You earn points for qualifying transactions appearing on your statement during the program period less any credits and plus or minus any adjustments. Some transaction types may not be eligible for point accrual. Contact Chaffey FCU to determine transaction eligibility, eligibility dates, or for special promotions. Business Accounts are not eligible.

  3. Errors in the addition or deduction of points can occur and may be corrected by the awards provider or Chaffey FCU at any time without notice.

  4. Award options and the corresponding points required for redemption, limitations on point accrual, including monthly and/or yearly point maximums, point expiration period, and increase or decrease in value of net point accrual are determined by, and may be modified by, Chaffey FCU at any time. Award redemptions must be made prior to point expiration dates.

  5. The awards program is being presented with no express or implied warranties or conditions. In particular, there are no express or implied warranties including merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose not specified herein respecting this agreement.

  6. Reasonable steps will be taken to prevent the introduction of viruses or other destructive materials to Web sites associated with this program. However, we don’t warrant, guarantee, or make any representations that sites will be free of destructive materials or that the sites will be uninterrupted or error-free. We assume no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by your access or inability to access sites.

  7. Program award statements will be available on a periodic basis as determined by Chaffey FCU. Statements will normally reflect the adjusted number of points earned, based on previous balance, net purchases, and deductions due to redemption activity. Chaffey FCU must be notified of any errors or point discrepancies within 60 days of the date when the error occurred.

  8. Award points may be redeemed for cash or credit as determined by Chaffey FCU and may not be used in conjunction with promotions or discounts offered outside of this program. Chaffey FCU may also limit transferability between accounts and incorporation with other institution programs or offerings. Points have no monetary value outside the program nor can they be combined or transferred with or to other loyalty programs.

  9. You are responsible for submitting correct information when ordering an award. Orders requiring correction may be subject to additional fees.

  10. Your account must be in good standing (i.e. not delinquent or canceled, or otherwise not usable for charges) to use awards points. Chaffey FCU reserves the right to terminate or suspend your standing in the program or deduct points from your accumulated total if your account is not in good standing. Chaffey FCU also reserves the right to establish point reinstatement procedures and associated fees as applicable.

  11. This program may be changed or terminated at any time without notice, restriction, or penalty. A specified time frame for redemption of existing points will be given at the time that a notice of program termination is given.

  12. Any liability for taxes including federal, state, or local income, sales, use, or other taxes or gratuities imposed on an award received from this program will be the sole responsibility of the participant receiving the award and not Chaffey FCU, the awards provider, or any of its affiliates.

  13. Errors in publication of awards materials may occur. We reserve the right to correct errors at any time.

  14. Contact Chaffey FCU to determine if additional rules apply to your participation in the awards program.

  15. This program is available to account holders of specified account types at financial institutions that have contracted with the awards provider.

  16. This program is void where prohibited by law.

  17. Services to administer the program are being provided by, and are the responsibility of, Loyalty Innovations, an operating division of Travel and Transport, Inc., (the administrator). Chaffey FCU and the awards program provider assume no liability or responsibility for the provision of, or failure to provide, the respective services being provided by the administrator. The administrator is an independent contractor and is not affiliated with Chaffey FCU.

  18. Using your account following receipt of these rules constitutes agreement to these rules on your behalf.

Air Travel Awards    

  1. Air travel and travel-related services may be requested online through Visa Rewards or by calling the travel center toll free at 877-909-1450. Actual travel must take place within 330 days after the reservation is made. Minimum or maximum stays may apply to certain air categories. Tickets for airline award seats are subject to availability and any terms or conditions imposed by the airline on travel dates specified by the account holder. Additional travel restrictions may apply at the discretion of Chaffey FCU.

  2. Any errors or discrepancies must be reported to the travel center at 877-909-1450 immediately or at a minimum, within 24 hours from the time of the ticket booking. E-mail requests will not be accepted. Any changes made after the ticket issuance could incur additional fees and/or penalties, jeopardize availability, and cause the fare to increase at the account holder’s expense except where those errors were made by us and reported by the account holder within the required 24-hour period. All voluntary changes at any time are subject to the program rules and could incur additional fees and/or penalties by the airline and/or the travel center. All airline tickets are non-refundable and redemptions are final. Points, credits, and cash refunds will not be issued for any changes or canceled travel arrangements.

  3. Itinerary dates and/or departure/arrival times may be subject to change by the airline. The account holder may accept changes in the itinerary or the ticket may be canceled without penalty and points reinstated.

  4. Travel insurance is available for select award types. Account holders are responsible for any fees associated with the purchase of travel insurance. Please speak to a travel agent at 877-909-1450 for additional details.

  5. Tickets may be issued in any name designated by the account holder but the tickets and/or itinerary will be mailed/e-mailed to the account holder address on file with the awards provider within the 50 U.S. states only.

  6. Tickets will be issued as e-tickets, either through e-mail or U.S. Mail. Paper tickets are subject to an additional processing and delivery charge. Additional costs, such as rush charges and/or traceable overnight delivery of awards, are at the account holder’s expense.

  7. Round-trip ticket awards must originate from, and return to, the same airport.

  8. International destinations are limited to select cities and are subject to change upon sixty (60) days advance notice.

  9. Account holders may be responsible for paying any government-imposed security fees, airline fuel surcharges, or other airport, airline, and agent fees. Lost, stolen, or otherwise destroyed airline tickets or other travel certificates will not be honored or replaced. Awards may also be subject to local taxes and fees, which are at the account holder’s expense.